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Professional Blog for Dan Frantz. This Blog covers my professional bio on the web and with on websites we have built.


I am here where God has led me and I am asking you to help me provide the best website, by you being involved. Where and when, you tell me what you think and what you would do. And definitely help me with product reviews. I list products using Clickbank. If they are a problem, as you the user of these products, then I need to know. Many things in life there are good and some are bad and we as citizens of this life must involved weeding out the bad and promoting the good. I have many good products with many good people behind them. Examine each carefully, feel free to ask questions and keep in mind, many of these product have long trial periods. If there are issues with the product this is a place to say so.

A call to Action: Trump Speeches

Affiliate Marketing has taken a Big hit!

Also please understand, these vendors need your email address to further their business with you. Check their email policy and privacy statement. Don’t do business with those who want to use your information to further their gain. We are required by law to prevent spamming and there should always be an opt –out at the bottom of your emails.

Today I am recommending Solar Wind Water DIY if you are into Alternative Energy. I have over 65 post covering solar energy, wind power, water or hydro power, Biomass, and HHO. This website is 4 years old had has  a lot of history.

If You are into E Business -affiliate marketing -Affilorama is the best.


Who is danwillie, a short name for Daniel W Frantz here at this site

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