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Let take a few minutes of your time to tell you about me, Dan Frantz. Danwillie is my web name. I was CEO Solarsunset Inc. I am basically retired. I still own the domain You can always reach me there. There I talk much more about whom I am and why I am here. First Danwillie is in honor of my father, a man who taught me how to use my mind and my hands.


I have been doing something with computers and now the internet, since 1970. Then I was an electronic technician at GTE Sylvania discovering how to build the first by-directional cable TV system. We did it and I installed the first system in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But even though that was a milestone, it wasn’t what has driven me in this computer world. It was the introduction of HP’s first calculator HP-35. It was nearly $400.00 dollars and became the most used item in the lab. I was amazed. Within that same year I went into the USAF. And guess what, they trained me on the IBM AN/FSQ-7 a computer I could walk inside the processor. It was in a 4 story building with 7 generators the size of locomotives to run it. It used as much power as a city of 40,000 people.

After the Air Force, I went on to college. I wasn’t one to waste time learning about stuff I did not need to know. Needless to say, my stay was too short to get any degree. I wanted to get back into computers and did so in Richmond, Virginia at the University. With two other guys we overseen the wire installation into 13 buildings and did the biggest installation of a paperless system for a hospital 400 Z80 Desktop computers and hundreds of GE Terminex Printers. These all linked into a pair of IBM 360s and all of this was into my company’s office in California. I needed to go to California.

In California I went work for Tymshare. This was a company led the building of the internet, long before Al Gore invented it. I was involved in many aspects of servicing and testing new equipment mainly types of automated routing long before CISCO. Back in that day, 9600 baud was tops. I got my son interested in computers and games, when we would play adventure on computers all over the world on weekends. He and his brother with some others have gone on to build a gaming company, Tower of Games in Virginia.


At  Lockheed.  in the Sunnyvale, I started on the Space Shuttle program service CNC computer supporting the making of shuttle tiles and the start of Hubble telescope testing. From here I was Promoted to Senior Field Engineer in the Black World and Moved to Texas. In there for many years, I programmed and serviced minis, main frames, and the first PC and PC portable by IBM, DEC, Sinclair, Data General, Varian, Nova, Unisys, Sperry Univac, Sun, all while travelling the world with Lockheed.


Moved to Washington, Jumped into computer support with a small company in Puyallup. Added some Unix mini computers to the List. After being at Lockheed and working on the latest equipment, this was like jump back into the past. This restaurant equipment and systems were well used and required much service especially printers with food all over them.

I moved on for a few years partnering indirectly with Harley Metals in LA. reselling, and recycling these relics and harvesting the gold from chips and circuit boards in Washington. What I would do for some of those old HP circuit board with gold traces and gold chips today. This is the dirty side of computer business. I was always happy to see the Flood or the Chinese come through the warehouse. All the junk would disappear. After just a few years of this I needed to move on.

This was my first taste of contract outsourcing. I went work Hillsboro, Or for Intel redesigning a Pentium Pro motherboard with 4 processors on it. I was the primary design person on this. My directive was to get a 10% improvement in speed and a reduction in cost. In nine month I achieved that. I have seen my motherboard in both Dell and HP high end servers. What a great day and a reintroduction to corporate world. Contract was up. Had plenty of offers for less than I made as a contractor. But I knew the Bay Area I could get much more.

I got an opportunity as a test engineer to work with Octel for several years then it became Lucent, the leading company Voice mail company of its day. Here I added another generation of computers with IBM, Motorola, and Sun. to my list computer systems. I also designed a multi-million dollar state of the art lab for testing the latest voicemail system.

From here I was off to management, first an outsourcing company, then in Technical Support in data encryption systems and telecommunicate testing, once again more computers, network equipment and communication test equipment added to my list. During this period I was introduced to webhosting and web design. I built a local wiki of policies and procedures for my team to use and communicate back with me. The teams I built using this and the manage style; led me to my biggest monetary award of $ 100,000 in stock.


This was just before 911. Life does have its challenges. By the end of that year I was laid off along with what are estimated more than 100,000 high tech types in 2000-2002 in the bay area. The stock collapsed to a value of 5500 when I sold it. I have painted a picture of plusses on my professional side and they were. But there is my personal side, the battle between business, outsourcing, income, and my home life. In the last ten years, I chose a route to build a business and in that I help people in business, to understand computers and the Internet. This has developed into a passion to build websites that are informative and profitable on Energy, Travel, Politics , PC Help, Green Energy, Home and Garden, and other informational areas. At 62 I still see a dream of using websites as gateways to help people understand technology and the world.


Blogger and webmaster. I have retired from computer services after 40+ years.

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